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Unique primitive forest resources inspire human's exploration of nature. Unknown and strange forests add more psychedelic color in the romantic imagination of artists. Quinn, born in a Family of European botany, reveals the mystery of forest through plants and interprets the code of natural life. Plants in the family from generation to generation focus

Qinye ginger extract strong full bright luxury essence milk, nourish the net embellish, silky toughness.

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Hair shine is an important indicator of healthy hair, and it's easy to see. The lustre of the hair is equal to what we often say "complexion", the lustre is higher the "complexion" that shows a hair is better, contrary, lustre is low is an early warning, the nutrient that tells us a hair

Gentle and weak acid, hair and scalp care starts with washing

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The surface of a healthy scalp is often weakly acidic, so the growth of the scalp and hair can be more stable in a weak acid environment. In fact, many hair and scalp problems are more likely to be related to ph. The pH value of scalp surface rises or falls, can affect the