Hair shine is an important indicator of healthy hair, and it’s easy to see. The lustre of the hair is equal to what we often say “complexion”, the lustre is higher the “complexion” that shows a hair is better, contrary, lustre is low is an early warning, the nutrient that tells us a hair is lost, and did not get sufficient nutrition to add.

Accordingly, the healthy state that wants a hair to get rid of dim without luster, restore healthy bright lustre, besides foundation cleanness protect wet, effective nutrition adds indispensable.

Ginger essence is strong, strong, bright and luxurious essence, rich in ginger extract, and contains a variety of plant components such as rosemary oil and alternate leaf alba oil, as well as many nutrients such as hydrolyzed wheat protein and glutamic acid. From the inside out, gentle nutrition repair hair health; Nourish hair quality, restore hair strong full bright state.

Make the best use of everything, ginger plant extract of Qinye is a series of anti-stripping, from shampoo to essence milk, rich ginger extract is added to make hair grow strong and strong.