The surface of a healthy scalp is often weakly acidic, so the growth of the scalp and hair can be more stable in a weak acid environment.

In fact, many hair and scalp problems are more likely to be related to ph. The pH value of scalp surface rises or falls, can affect the expressive force such as scalp antibacterial force, hair quality directly or indirectly.

Long-term use is not weak acid stimulant shampoo, have adverse effect to hair and its growth environment.

Some research data pointed out that when the pH of scalp > is 5.5, the ability of scalp to resist bacteria will be weakened, which is conducive to microbial reproduction, causing itchiness, dandruff, dry hair and other problems. When pH < 4.5, oil secretion becomes exuberant, affecting the hair growth rate, hair fixation ability weakened.

That is to say, when the head itch, dandruff, dry hair easy to break, hair loss and other symptoms, it shows that our scalp appeared the problem of pH imbalance.

Cause the reason of this problem, it is because marcel dyes the material such as hair too acid too alkali to stimulate scalp, 2 the poisonous substance that may be environmental pollution remains in the hair, scalp surface was not cleaned clean, moreover, it is possible also to use non-weak acid shampoo for a long time, make the hair, scalp is in sensitive position for a long time.

In this case, if in the most daily, the highest frequency of contact with the shampoo is still used in the process of non-weak acid stimulation products, will undoubtedly cause serious secondary damage. And hair damage degree increases, can make hair end bifurcate aggravates.

Dry or damaged hair, gentle and not irritating from washing, Qinye global natural plant hair technology, the use of weak acid formula, gently protect hair healthy hair.